What is the biggest tomatoe ever grown?
3.51kg - 7lb 12 oz
What is the biggest pineapple ever grown?
8.06kg - 17lb 12 oz
What is the biggest onion ever grown?
7.495kg - 16lb 8 oz
What is the biggest peach ever grown?
725kg - 25.6 oz
What is the biggest avocada ever grown?
2.19 kg - 4.83 lb
Is there a supermarket in the Marina Bay sand shopping complex?
Yes. A small one call Cold Storage. It sell most...
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When does a UK PLC's have to hold their AGM by?

Every public company must hold a general meeting as its annual general

meeting in each period of 6 months beginning with the day following its

accounting reference date. 

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What country has the highest number of fatal shark attacks?
Australia - 217 fatal
How much does a male Bison weigh?
approx 1 ton
What type of plant covers the earth more than any other?
What food source feeds more life than any other?
What is the most numerous animal on earth?
Ted Billed quilia
Do plants grow in the Arctic?
Yes. Grass in the summer on the artic tundra
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