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What year was Abraham Lincoln assassinated?
What was the Manhattan project?
The scientific developement of the nuclear bomb
Who kill Abraham Lincoln?
John Wilkes Booth
How much did the USA pay for the state of Louisiana from the French?
78 Million francs
Who Killed JFK?
Lee Harvey Oswald although there are many...
Who did America battle in the American revolution?
The British
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What is Steady state theory?

The theory that the universe always existed in opposition to the big bang theory

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What is Steady state theory?
Dec 10,2012, 7:15 pm Reply

Despite the name, metaphiscys isn't phiscys. But perhaps what you're looking for is what's called the philosophy of science. You'll get a feeling for this if you study the early history of science. I recommend the recorded lectures of Dr. Lawrence Prin
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When was Pablo Picasso born ?
When did Pablo Picasso die?
When did Giotto Di Bondone die?
When did Leonardo Da Vinci die?
When was Leonardo Da Vinci born?
When was Paul Cezanne born?
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