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When was Pablo Picasso born ?
When did Pablo Picasso die?
When did Giotto Di Bondone die?
When did Leonardo Da Vinci die?
When was Leonardo Da Vinci born?
When was Paul Cezanne born?
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What is Steady state theory?

The theory that the universe always existed in opposition to the big bang theory

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What is Steady state theory?
Dec 10,2012, 7:15 pm Reply

Despite the name, metaphiscys isn't phiscys. But perhaps what you're looking for is what's called the philosophy of science. You'll get a feeling for this if you study the early history of science. I recommend the recorded lectures of Dr. Lawrence Prin
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yes. Eating too much has been linked with...
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7.9cm (3.1in) - Jay Sloot
The largest muscle in the human body?
gluteus maximus
smallest muscle in the human body?
the stapedius
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2.6 litres
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