During the 1996 Olympics, What did members of the Canadian swim team...
In 1964 and 1976 Which alpine city hosted the Winter Olympics?
Which Soviet gymnast performed the first back somersault on a balance...
Olga Korbut
In 1996 Which 37-year-old middle distance runner qualified for her...
Mary Slaney
Which sport is played with stones and brooms?
From 1900 to 1920 Which contest of team strength was an official...
Tug of War
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What are the opening hours for Myer Launceston Tas?

Mon 9am - 6pm

Tues 9am - 6pm

Wed 9am - 6pm

Thur 9am - 6pm

Fri 9am - 7pm

Sat 9am -5pm

Sun 10am - 4pm

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What are the opening hours for Myer Launceston Tas?
Dec 11,2012, 12:18 am Reply

Now I'm like, well duh! Truly thaknufl for your help.
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Does eating red meat increase the risk of bowel cancer?
yes. Eating too much has been linked with...
Does drinking alcohol increase the risk of cancer?
How wide is the worlds widest tounge?
7.9cm (3.1in) - Jay Sloot
The largest muscle in the human body?
gluteus maximus
smallest muscle in the human body?
the stapedius
How much hydrochloric acid does the human stomach produce each day?
2.6 litres
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