What country has the highest number of fatal shark attacks?
Australia - 217 fatal
How much does a male Bison weigh?
approx 1 ton
What type of plant covers the earth more than any other?
What food source feeds more life than any other?
What is the most numerous animal on earth?
Ted Billed quilia
Do plants grow in the Arctic?
Yes. Grass in the summer on the artic tundra
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Does eating red meat increase the risk of bowel cancer?

yes. Eating too much has been linked with cancer.

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Does eating red meat increase the risk of bowel cancer?
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What is Steady state theory?
The theory that the universe always existed in...
How many moons does jupiter have?
63 moons
How far is the sun away from the earth?
150 million kilometres
What is a supernova?
The explosion of a massive star
What is the windest planet in the solar system?
Saturn, winds up to 1,800 km/h
Is the universe expanding or contracting?
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