What country has the highest number of fatal shark attacks?
Australia - 217 fatal
How much does a male Bison weigh?
approx 1 ton
What type of plant covers the earth more than any other?
What food source feeds more life than any other?
What is the most numerous animal on earth?
Ted Billed quilia
Do plants grow in the Arctic?
Yes. Grass in the summer on the artic tundra
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During the 1996 Olympics, What did members of the Canadian swim team swear to give up?
Sex 1 comments
In 1964 and 1976 Which alpine city hosted the Winter Olympics?
Insbruck 0 comments
Which Soviet gymnast performed the first back somersault on a balance beam?
Olga Korbut 0 comments
In 1996 Which 37-year-old middle distance runner qualified for her fourth Olympic team?
Mary Slaney 0 comments
Which sport is played with stones and brooms?
Curling 0 comments
From 1900 to 1920 Which contest of team strength was an official Olympic event?
Tug of War 1 comments
Which Olympic aquatic event includes such positions as the Flamingo, crane and fishtail?
Synchronized swimming 0 comments
In the 1994 Winter Olympics, How many athletes competed for Israel ?
One 0 comments
"Male gymnasts refer to as ""the pig"" by What apparatus?"
The pommel horse 0 comments
To become the most decorated U.S. Winter Olympian ever, Who passed Eric Heiden?
Bonnie Blair 0 comments
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Tech & Science
What is Steady state theory?
The theory that the universe always existed in...
How many moons does jupiter have?
63 moons
How far is the sun away from the earth?
150 million kilometres
What is a supernova?
The explosion of a massive star
What is the windest planet in the solar system?
Saturn, winds up to 1,800 km/h
Is the universe expanding or contracting?
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