History & Polt.
What year was Abraham Lincoln assassinated?
What was the Manhattan project?
The scientific developement of the nuclear bomb
Who kill Abraham Lincoln?
John Wilkes Booth
How much did the USA pay for the state of Louisiana from the French?
78 Million francs
Who Killed JFK?
Lee Harvey Oswald although there are many...
Who did America battle in the American revolution?
The British
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Does eating red meat increase the risk of bowel cancer?
yes. Eating too much has been linked with...
Does drinking alcohol increase the risk of cancer?
How wide is the worlds widest tounge?
7.9cm (3.1in) - Jay Sloot
The largest muscle in the human body?
gluteus maximus
smallest muscle in the human body?
the stapedius
How much hydrochloric acid does the human stomach produce each day?
2.6 litres
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During the 1996 Olympics, What did members of the Canadian swim team...
In 1964 and 1976 Which alpine city hosted the Winter Olympics?
Which Soviet gymnast performed the first back somersault on a balance...
Olga Korbut
In 1996 Which 37-year-old middle distance runner qualified for her...
Mary Slaney
Which sport is played with stones and brooms?
From 1900 to 1920 Which contest of team strength was an official...
Tug of War
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What country has the highest number of fatal shark attacks?
Australia - 217 fatal
How much does a male Bison weigh?
approx 1 ton
What type of plant covers the earth more than any other?
What food source feeds more life than any other?
What is the most numerous animal on earth?
Ted Billed quilia
Do plants grow in the Arctic?
Yes. Grass in the summer on the artic tundra
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Do I need to go outside to get from Marina Bay Sands Hotel to Marina...
No. There is a walk way between the two under...
Is there a bus from the Airport to Marina Bay Sands ?
Yes. It is free for guests and run every 30...
Where can I get a takeaway coffee in Marina Bay Hotel ?
Sweet spot is the cafe. Located in front of the...
Is there a cafe in the Marina Bay Sands lobby ?
Yes. it is called Sweet spot. you can get...
Is there a train to Marina Bay Sands ?
Yes. The MRT goes to the shopping complex. If...
What are the prices like in the Marina Bay Sands food court in the...
Meals are around $ SGD 8 -12 compared with the...
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What is the postcode for COOMINYA QLD ?
What is the postcode for LOCKYER WATERS QLD ?
What is the postcode for CHURCHABLE QLD ?
What is the postcode for CLARENDON QLD ?
What is the postcode for BUARABA SOUTH QLD ?
What is the postcode for WOOLOOMAN QLD ?
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What is the biggest tomatoe ever grown?
3.51kg - 7lb 12 oz
What is the biggest pineapple ever grown?
8.06kg - 17lb 12 oz
What is the biggest onion ever grown?
7.495kg - 16lb 8 oz
What is the biggest peach ever grown?
725kg - 25.6 oz
What is the biggest avocada ever grown?
2.19 kg - 4.83 lb
Is there a supermarket in the Marina Bay sand shopping complex?
Yes. A small one call Cold Storage. It sell most...
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Arts & Fashion
When was Pablo Picasso born ?
When did Pablo Picasso die?
When did Giotto Di Bondone die?
When did Leonardo Da Vinci die?
When was Leonardo Da Vinci born?
When was Paul Cezanne born?
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